At Auspac Energy we are focused on providing tailored solutions to our clients.  Our solutions are developed through customer engagement and consultation.  Depending on our clients requirements we have the ability to offer end to end customised solutions to our clients or tailor our services to suit a particular need.

Our services include;

Engineering Design;

Installation and Construction of Power Systems;

Procurement and Supply of Equipment including Spare Parts;

Testing and Commissioning;

Project Management;

Capacity Building;

Maintenance Programmes

Systems we specialise in;

Battery Systems;


UPS Systems;

Renewable Energy



We pride ourselves in delivering outstanding and comprehensive battery system services.  We have extensive experience in the designing, planning and installing various size and types of battery systems.  Our onsite service includes removal of old batteries in accordance with EPA guidelines, supply, installation, commissioning and reporting.

We appreciate the critical nature of clients business and theirneed for reliable, continuous power from their battery system, henceAuspac Energy has developed strong links and partnerships with leading battery manufacturers who are ISO accredited to provide high quality and reliable option for our clients.


We specialise in supplying and installing high performing and value adding rectifier systems to governments, large corporations and the construction sectors. As part of our service we have the ability to offer our client a complete packages that includes rectifiers, batteries, battery cabinet/racks, DC Distribution boards, switchboards, cabling, cable trays, installation, live load transfers and removal of redundant systems.


We also offer Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Systems, batteries for UPS application, AC/DC cabling, cable supports, circuit breaker/fuses, supply and install new battery data logger capable of measuring/record individual monoblock voltages, String voltages, currents and temperatures


Auspac Energy has designed, supplied and installed comprehensive solar system delivering performance, value and industry-leading technology for the mining/gas sector. Using the latest technologies in PV Panel, PV Arrays, Inverters and Batteries, our design team can ensure efficient operation of your PV System.Auspac Energy also supplies high performing products to the South Pacific Islands.



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Auspac Energy