Auspac Energy has worked on a large number of Telstra projects nationally, throughout Australia, across various networks.  The services we have and continue to provide include; supply, installation, testing and commissioning of DC power systems.

Telstra landline and mobile network are used for emergency services, we focus on transferring live DC loads from one system to another without service interruptions to Telstra and zero impact to the end customer.

Telstra project size varies, we have worked on projects ranging from replacing small 6Vdc, 100Amp batteries to large projects that include the installation of a complete 48Vdc system capable of greater than 100kW.

All work is carried out in accordance with the health and safety guidelines of Auspac Energy, Thiess and Telstra.

Our goal working on Telstra sites is to provide reliable backup power to Telstra and its customers.

DC systems ensure that in the event of a power failure the backup power will kick in to ensure communications are always up and running.




Multiple DC Power Work



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