Auspac Energy was engaged to design, supply, commission, conduct factory acceptance tests and train local field technicians in the operation and maintenance of standalone systems on behalf of Santos. Installation of the system onsite took place by a third party contactor selected by the client. Auspac Energy were responsible for conducting site visits to ensure the system has been installed as per the design specification and within our quality guidelines.

Our solution was tailored to our client’s requirements, our products were carefully selected. Our policy is to only use products from reputable companies that are ISO accredited. Safety is a key feature of product selection. On this project we selected 250watt panels to meet the size restriction of the site plans while maintaining the client’s power requirements.

Emerson solar controller had considerable solar input range 60Vdc -150Vdc. Options for AC input or wind input paired with Absolyte 25G100 batteries were selected for their deep discharge and many cycles’ characteristics.

Quality, health and safety is imperative on all our jobs. For this particular project our end client conducted quality, health and safety inspection during the factory acceptance phase of the project.


Emerson Process Management/Santos

Project Name

GLNG Interconnect Project



Auspac Energy

Auspac Energy