Auspac energy was awarded the contract to supply, install and test standby battery banks as well as augmentation of 48Vdc rectifier power systems for Digital Distribution Australia network.

With over 90 sites spread across NSW, QLD, VIC and TAS. Site included Broadcast Australia, Prime, WIN, Channel TEN and many others. Auspac Energy were responsible for installing several thousandbatteries, and recovering and disposing of obsolete batteries in accordance with EPA guidelines.

Some sites also had 48V rectifiers systems that had reached the end of its lifecycle. For these sites Eltec rectifiers were selected for their small physical size while maintaining power output, efficiency and connectivity the client required.With Auspac Energy’s broad experience inlive DC load transfer the outdate system were decommissioned, the loads safely transferred to the recently commissioned Eltec rectifier systems providing the client with an additional 10 years design life.


Digital Distribution Australia (DDA)



Auspac Energy

Auspac Energy