The project was the construction of a total of 350 KWP solar PV power plant which was built on the top of the Structures on Vaiku in Funafuti, the capital of Tuvalu. The project involved the safe removal of an old building containing Asbestos and the safe disposal of Asbestos. Solar panels were mounted both on the roof top of the new building and ground mounted which was connected to the grid as seen in the picture above. The solution offered is a hybrid solution.

CBS was responsible for:

• Project management;
• Equipment supply of PV modules, inverters etc;
• Civil works; Electrical, IC&C, and communication works;
• All logistics to the Project Site;
• Testing and commissioning;
• Operation and maintenance capacity building program

Auspac Energy was responsible for:

• Design and documentation review;
• Source, procure and supply products such as solar panels. transformer, combiner boxes, inverters and cables etc;
• Logistic of goods to Tuvalu;
• Develop site specific HSE plans;
• Conduct QHSE audits;
• Participate in electrical installation of the system;

Auspac has partnered with CBS on a number of hybrid projects across the Pacific Islands.

Benefits Achieved

One of the major benefits achieved on this was project was providing reliable power to the community. Previously power was only available for 6 hours a day. The new PV plant allows consumers to access power 24 hours a day.

The new systems is both economically and environmentally sustainable, with the reduced use of the diesel generator.

The capacity building program meant that local laborers were hired so that knowledge of the system installation could be shared with locals.
Documentation such as operations and maintenance manuals were developed with the end user in mind ensuring non-technical employees have the ability to understand our documentation.


CBS Power Solutions

Project Name

Solar Space Creation Project Tuvalu

Auspac Energy

Auspac Energy