The scope of work was to deliver a battery life cycle replacement program on numerous 625kva & 400kva UPS’s throughout the data centre. Our client required the battery autonomy to supply a full load (N+1) and a full load at the end of life. Our role included the installation of a new battery data logger capable of measuring and recording individual monoblock voltages, string voltages, currents and temperatures.

The Battery Lifecycle Replacement Project required work to be carried during business operation hours. Batteries had to be replaced without loss of power to the data centre. Each UPS could only be off line for a few days during the remediation process. Our work was carefully planned to ensure the operations of our clients business was not impacted during the project.

Auspac has a strong focus on sustaining the environment and as such all obsolete batteries are always disposed of in accordance with EPA guidelines.



Project Name

Battery Lifecycle Replacement Work


Baulkham Hills

Auspac Energy

Auspac Energy